You Can Sit With Us - Pride T.O. Mean Girls Screening!

About 3000 fans of the 2004 cult comedy Mean Girls filled the Harbourfront Centre theatre at this year's Pride Month screening of Mean Girls.

The event took place on Wednesday, where fans came in all dressed in pink. Following the iconic line from the film — “On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink” as the Plastics’ dictated the fashion of the night's event. Many fans also came in with t-shirts and signs with iconic lines from the film. Including, “Quit Trying To Make Fetch Happen” and “You Can’t Sit With Us”.

Fans cheered as Daniel Franzese — known for playing iconic gay character Damien, entered the stage. Followed by fellow cast members including Rajiv Surendra (Kevin G), Olympia Lukis (Jessica), Daniel DeSanto (Jason), Nate Bucknor, and Ky Pham (Trang Pak). Chibi the Chihuahua also made an appearance.

Lindsay Lohan, who played Cady in the ilm, also made an appearance via video call hosted by Synaptop. During the online video call, fans from all over North America were able to ask questions. The excitement doesn’t stop here! During the live video chat, Lindsay Lohan revealed that she is working on a new album that will be available in the future.